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UTM Power Rankings June 13


(Waterloo ON) Last weekend was a busy tournament weekend with a tonne of teams participating in the Barrie Bash. There was also a smaller U16 & U19 event in Waterloo, run by the University of Waterloo Softball program. So lots of games and lots of data to sift through, seems like this Sunday evening countless teams were celebrating medals, thanks in part to "A" and "B" championships at said events over the weekend. This coming weekend, we have the John Cross Memorial Tournament in Cambridge, and then UTM's Signature U14 event the Big Show. Thanks to everyone again for their comments, likes, shares and for following our rankings each week. If your team is playing this weekend, let's hope the weather forecasters are wrong, and that we can all get our game ins.

U19 Tier 1

Nearly all the top teams were in the Waterloo area this past weekend at the Warriors Fastpitch Tournament. The event was won by the Oakville Angels, who were by weekend's end the lone team that didn't lose at least one game over the weekend slate. Oakville won gold with wins over Vaughan and Waterloo Gold respectfully Sunday, after going a perfect 4-0-0 in pool play.

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Oakville Angels 3 1 3 Back on top, as the exam break hits the U19 division
2 Waterloo Ghosts Gold 1 1 2 Lost 5-2 in the final, had won first 6 leading into that game
3 Brampton Blazers (M) 2 2 4 A lone loss at the event to Waterloo, was only blemish
4 Vaughan Vikings 5 3 5 4-0-0 pool play, but two losses against the 1&2 on Sunday
5 Toronto Fastpitch 4 4 9 Lost a hard fought battle as the playoffs began. Solid team
6 Guelph Gators 8 5 8 Good showing this weekend, lost tiebreaker, but then placed 2nd in the 2nd tier bracket, losing only to Quebec
7 BT Warriors 7 6 9 Still going at it this coming weekend in Detroit
8 Waterloo Ghosts White 6 6 - Can't credit or discredit game this past weekend as they served as last minute replacement for LSL
9 Fieldhouse Raiders 9 9 - Another weekend in Ohio, showcasing teams talent
10 Mississauga Tigers 02 10 10 - Rough draw this past weekend. Schedule wasn't kind











U19 Tier 2

Barrie Bash featured a Tier 2, U19 division however there were some Tier 1 U16 teams in the group which influenced the results (MSN 03' and Oakville 03' did great!). This weekend we have a small group in Cambridge at the John Cross Tournament. Some teams on this list elected to play Tier 1 last weekend at the Warriors event, Brantford, Palmerston & Guelph earning 5 combined wins. London Red keeps the #1 spot, looks like the Lightning are playing in the Ancaster Intermediate Tournament this wekeend.

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 London Lightning Red 1 1 8 Aren't playing against many teams on this list right now. Is that good or bad?
2 UTM Brantford 3 2 8 Up 1 spot, earned three wins last weekend playing in the Tier 1 event
3 LaSalle Gold 4 1 8 Up a spot based on overall performance review of other teams on this list
4 Palmerston Marlins 2 2 7 Down a couple spots. Really tough draw this past weekend in Waterloo
5 Port Perry Angels 7 5 7 Ousted by the U16 Tier 1 teams in Barrie, Settled for B pool Gold vs UTM 002
6 Napanee Express 6 6 8 Liked what we saw this weekend, keeping right here for now. Looking to Super Max
7 Guelph Gators 7 3 7 Like Palmerston, Gators had a tough draw against the T1 teams last weekend
8 Tavistock Athletics 8 2 8 Same spot this week for the Athletics
9 UTM Eastern Ontario - 9 - back in action this coming weekend in Cambridge
10 UTM Morriston 002 - 10 - 1st time appearance, silver in the B pool in Barrie. Some good league results of late











U16 Tier 1

The top 2 teams on this list elected to play U19 this past weekend in Barrie. The event we think ended up consolidating the U19 pools into just an open division, so unsure if the competition was at the level these teams wanted from top to bottom. Needless to say they had a great final game, and we can expect the Tigers and Angels to be strong contenders at the Qualifier and Grand Championship events this summer. The Brampton Blazers showed really well this past weekend as well playing across the border. Also like what we saw from Halton, Waterloo, UTM and Palmerston at the Warriors tournament this weekend as well. These teams showed any of the lot can win depending on the day.

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Miss North Tigers 03' 1 1 2 Correcty called their gold on this list last week. Hold the #1 spot, have heard their healthier now too, which is great news for this group!
2 Oakville Angels 03' 2 2 5 Silver in Barrie U19 (2nd straight silver playing U19 events this summer)
3 Brampton Blazers Gold 4 3 8 Great showing down in Toledo this past weekend, bodes well for the future of this team
4 Toronto Lady Mets 5 3 5 Move up based on who was ahead of them, and their results over the weekend.
5 Waterloo Ghosts Gold 3 1 6 Finished 5-2 at Warriors tourney, losing to the Hawks after beating them in pool play
6 Halton Hawks 8 5 10 Gold medal win (walk-off) vs Palmerston at the Warriors tournament
7 Palmerston Marlins 6 6 10 Finished as the 4 seed, and then knocked off UTM in semi final before losing to the Hawks
8 UTM 2K4 7 6 - Great weekend, finished 6-1-0 just lost the game that would have sent them to final
9 Brantford Bobcats 8 8 - Down 1 spot this weekend, young team lots of upside
10 Toronto Lady Mets 04 9 9 - Hold the final spot this week











U16 Tier 2

Alright, we finally had a good chance to see the U16 Tier 2 side at the Queen of Diamonds Event. Here are some updated rankings based a great deal on what happened at this event. Port Perry Angels by virtue of winning the QOD event are now the new number 1 ranked team. We have slotted Windsor Wildcats Black in right behind them, followed by Milton Bats and Brantford Bobcats. We will see two additional tournaments and the results over the next 7-days to help better nail down these teams ranking wise. This division has a tonne of teams this year. Great to see!

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Windsor Wildcats Black 1 1 6 No reason to move them from the top spot, impressive again last week playing in USA
2 Brampton Blazers Burgundy - - - Missed this team (thought they were T1). Great group of players and leadership here
3 Oakville Angels 2 1 5 Top 3 ranking again for the Angels following good results at the Bash
4 Milton Bats 03 3 3 8 Were the last of the U16 teams standing in Barrie, before the 05' teams played in final
4 Aurora Diggers - 4 - Great show for the Diggers last weekend in Barrie. Welcome to the list
5 Wyoming Lady Wranglers 5 5 - No change for the Lady Wranglers this week
6 Brantford Bobcats 7 4 5 Up a spot this week, into 6th position on the chart
7 Kitchener Klassics 9 2 10 Kitchener up this week, following results in Barrie
8 Oshawa Shamrocks 6 6 8 Another medal in Barrie, played in what was called the Tier 1 group
9 Barrie Storm 8 5 6 Barrie earned a medal this weekend at their home tournament
10 Waterloo Ghosts Black 10 9 - Faired well in Barrie











U14 Tier 1

15 teams are ready for war this weekend at the Big Show. We hope to see some amazing U14 action this weekend in pool, and championship play. We will see if any team can survive the ladder bracket. Pays to get a good seed in the pools because the road to a medal at the Show is pretty tough if you don't. Lots of game potential this weekend weather permitting in Blanford-Blemheim.

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Vaughan Vikings 05 1 1 1 Another medal win, this time at the Bash playing up in U16
2 Breslau Fury 3 2 4 Up a spot, prepared for the Big Show by playing a tough US event last weekend
3 Halton Hawks 05 4 2 4 Silver in Barrie playing up in U16 Tier 2
4 Aurora Diggers 5 5 - Winners of the actual U14 bash, edging out the Whitby Eagles
5 Whitby Eagles 3 2 5 Silver medal last weekend in Barrie
6 Brampton Blazers Gold 6 5 6 Same spot for the 3rd straight week
7 Oakville Angels 05 7 7 9 Up two last week, stay the #7 this week
8 Brantford Bobcats Black 10 8 10 Good show in Barrie, up this week
9 Kitchener Klassics Black 9 9 - Will look to upset some of the higher teams on this list this coming weekend in the Big Show
10 London Lightning Red 8 6 10 Down to the final holding spot here in advance of the Big Show weekend










U14 Tier 2

Unsure why but Barrie organizers combined the T1 and T2 divisions in Barrie this weekend making for some mixed results. Some Tier 1 teams as mentioned on the list above elected to play U16 Tier 2 for an added challenge. Lots of the top-10 here will be hoping for some better weather than what is forecast as they head to participate in the UTM Big Show. Some of these same teams endured a rain onslaught last year at the U12 Big Show tournament. Cursed maybe?

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Etobicoke Mayhem - 1 - Will head into Bih Show action as the top dog this weekend
2 Arthur Twisters 2 2 - Remain one spot behind the Mayhem, we could see a battle this weekend weather permitting!
3 Miss North Tigers 06 3 1 3 Same place for the Tigers this weekend ahead of the Big Show Tournament
4 Oakville Angels 06 6 3 6 Up this week following strong result in Barrie
5 Vaughan Vikings 06 4 2 5 Down 1, they too will be in the Big Show this weekend
6 Brantford Bobcats Red 5 5 - Down 1 spot this week
7 Kitchener Klassics White 7 4 7 Same spot for this crew who will look for a final four finish at the Big Show
8 Tavistock Athletics 8 8 - No change on the list for the Athletics
9 Wyoming Wranglers 9 9 - We asked last week, and someone actually said Wyoming is in the American mid-west
10 Barrie Storm - 10 - Welcome to the Top-10 Barrie Storm!













Some near the top of this list chose a week off, for some of those its back to the field this weekend at the John Cross Tournament hosted by the #1 ranked Cambridge Coyotes.

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Cambridge Coyotes 1 1 7 Hosting this weekend at the John Cross Tournament
2 Miss SW Hurricanes 07 2 1 2 Looking to get back to the top
3 Waterloo Ghosts 07 3 3 4 Keeping the Ghosts here another week
4 LaSalle Athletics 07 4 3 5 Likewise no change for the Athletics
5 Waterloo Ghosts 08 5 5 - Holding steady watch out for this 1st year team
6 Vaughan Vikings Blue 7 2 7 Up a spot after capturing the medal win in Barrie
7 Brampton Blazers Gold 6 4 7 Silver medal last week in Barrie
8 Wilmot Thunder 8 8 9 Same comments as before, good league results, capable squad
9 Oakville Angels 07 10 9 10 One spot higher for the Angels this week
10 Barrie Storm - 10 - Another Storm team making the list this week.





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