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Ranking Updates

UTM Power Rankings May 23

(Waterloo, ON) Here are the updated UTM Power Rankings across all divisions. We've reverted back to the single page format here based on feedback from website viewers. Thank you everyone for the discussion at the parks, and online. Always remember to be respectful of everyone. These rankings are meant to add to and promote the game here in Ontario. We rely on tournament results, feedback from coaches/managers and do have some people assisting us with these rankings each week. We're not always right, and that's part of the fun :)

*** We also want to remind all high school graduating players, that UTM is offering $500.00 scholarships for first year Canadian college or university students this fall. Details on application process and deadlines can be found here.

U19 Tier 1

Not much movement in U19 this week, some of the teams were at the Queen of the Diamonds event this past weekend, and there were many close games. Toronto Fastpitch took the gold medal at the event, looking strong over the course of the weekend, and defeating BT Warriors in the final game 11-3. This weekend most of the teams are in Waterloo, at the Ghosts Tournament. This weekend will be another chance to see many of the top teams facing each other. In looking at the schedule, this weekend and then two weeks from now at the University of Waterloo event, are really the last times we will see large groups of the Tier 1 division together.

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Oakville Angels 1 1 2 Angels back in action this week in Waterloo
2 Waterloo Ghosts Gold 2 1 2 Ghosts co-hosting in Waterloo this weekend
3 Brampton Blazers (M) 3 3 4 Will look to reach gold medal game in Waterloo
4 Vaughan Vikings 4 3 4 Attending the WMGSA event this weekend
5 Toronto Fastpitch 5 5 9 TFC wins gold last weekend at QOD
6 Guelph Gators 7 5 7 Gators getting some players back home now
7 Brampton Blazers (A) 6 6 8 Participating in Waterloo this coming weekend
8 BT Warriors 9 8 9 Runner's up last weekend at the QOD
9 Fieldhouse Raiders - 9 - Showed well last weekend at QOD
10 Waterloo Ghosts White 8 8 - Hosting this weekend in Waterloo










U19 Tier 2

The Queen of the Diamonds event over the long weekend allowed us to have some good looks at many of the Tier 2 teams this season. We had 13 teams overall combined in the T1 and T2 divisions showcased this past weekend. The Tier 2  event was won by the London Lightning Red team, defeating the Oakville Angels U16 Tier 1 team in the final game. Guelph Gators faired well in the Tier 1 side, making the "A" playoff bracket. Palmerston, and UTM Brantford were among the final four teams at the Tier 2 event.

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 London Lightning Red 8 1 8 Winners of the biggest T2 event this season to date
2 Palmerston Marlins 3 2 7 Check out the consistent offensive numbers to date
3 Guelph Gators 5 3 6 Earned 6 points playing in the T1 group last weekend
4 UTM Brantford 6 4 8 Reached final four over the weekend at QOD
5 LaSalle Athletics Gold 1 1 8 Lost a heartbreaker to Oakville U16 Monday at QOD
6 Tavistock Athletics 4 2 6 Bowed out to London Red early Monday at QOD
7 Napanee Express 7 7 - Placeholder for this crew
8 London Lightning Blue 9 8 - Tough pool, but showed strength Monday winning 3
9 LaSalle Athletics Green - 9 - Played lots of teams tight this past weekend at QOD
10 Ontario Yankees Sr 2 1 10 Injuries and some players still away at school right now










U16 Tier 1

Crazy weekend at the QOD for U16 Tier 1... each game on the schedule kind of went right against what you would have thought to have happened based on earlier pool game results etc. QOD in Brantford was a big event for this class, as almost all of the top teams were in action. Brampton Blazers Gold captured the championship on the "A" side with a win over the Toronto Mets 03' in the final. It looks like week in and week out the competition will be tough among this group, and we really have 5 or more teams that look like they can win on any given weekend. Some of the 1st year clubs have also shown well so far this season too!

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Waterloo Ghosts Gold 2 1 6 Hosting this weekend at home
2 Miss North Tigers 03' 1 1 2 Key injuries have effected results so far
3 Brampton Blazers Gold 4 3 8 Silver medal win at the QOD tournament, good show
4 Toronto Lady Mets 3 3 4 Solid weekend, losing to Brampton in the final at QOD
5 Oakville Angels 5 2 5 Won silver playing U19 T2 at QOD.
6 UTM 2K4 6 6 - Another team playing through key injuries right now
7 Palmerston Marlins 10 7 10 Semi final appearance at the QOD
8 LaSalle Athletics 03 8 8 - Haven't seen them against the rest of the teams yet
9 Toronto Lady Mets 04 - 9 - Made the "A" side at QOD
10 Halton Hawks 03 7 5 10 A tough weekend, still lots of time to rebound back up










U16 Tier 2

Alright, we finally had a good chance to see the U16 Tier 2 side at the Queen of Diamonds Event. Here are some updated rankings based a great deal on what happened at this event. Port Perry Angels by virtue of winning the QOD event are now the new number 1 ranked team. We have slotted Windsor Wildcats Black in right behind them, followed by Milton Bats and Brantford Bobcats. We will see two additional tournaments and the results over the next 7-days to help better nail down these teams ranking wise. This division has a tonne of teams this year. Great to see!

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Port Perry Angels - 2 - Gold medal win at the QOD tournament for the Angels
2 Windsor Wildcats Black 6 2 6 Lost to Angels in the semi-final this past weekend
3 Milton Bats 8 3 8 Semi final appearance this past weekend
4 Brantford Bobcats Black - 4 - Well coached team, went undefeated in pool play
5 Oakville Angels 04 1 1 5 Dropping down this week, as no results to compare
6 Barrie Storm 5 5 6 Same as above comment
7 Vaughan Vikings 04 4 4 7 Played tough all weekend, in a very tough pool
8 Stratford Flames 7 7 8 Keeping them on this list for the time being
9 Miss North Tigers (S) - 9 - Played well this weekend at QOD
10 Kitchener Klassics 2 2 10 Played up in Tier 1, held their own for the most part










U14 Tier 1

Vaughan Vikings keep the top spot at U14 Tier 1, the Vikings won the Brampton Blast and this past weekend went 6-0-0 at an event just outside of Buffalo. We expect them to be very tough all year. The Hawks 05' squad fell in the finals of the QOD by one run to the Quebec Rebelles entry. We have Fury 05' now in the #3 spot following a good wekeend for them playing U16 at QOD. Our riser this week is the Aurora Diggers 06' team. Watch out for coach Martin's squad over the coming weeks, and we may see them in the top-5 very soon.

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Vaughan Vikings 05 1 1 1 Perfect weekend in Orchard Park, for the Vikings
2 Halton Hawks 05 2 2 3 Silver medal at QOD, losing only to the Rebelles
3 Breslau Fury 4 3 4 Silver at U16 Tier 2, bumped one spot this week
4 Whitby Eagles 05 3 4 5 Flipped spots with Fury, based on game from Brampton
5 Brampton Blazers Gold 5 5 5 Like the Hawks, it was the Rebelles that got them
6 Aurora Diggers 06' - 6 - Watch out for this first year club
7 London Lightning Red 6 6 7 No change from previous week
8 Waterloo Ghosts Gold 7 7 8 Hosting this weekend
9 Oakville Angels 05 9 9 9 Expect to see this team rise a bit in coming weeks
10 Brantford Bobcats Black - 10 - Played solid this past weekend at QOD










U14 Tier 2

For now we have awarded the first 5 spots on this list. In the coming weeks we will have some additional tournament events to help get this list more fine tuned. For now congrats to the Mississauga Tigers 06' squad who earn our #1 ranking following a very good weekend for them at the Queen of Diamonds tournament. More teams to be added following events in Waterloo and Halton this weekend.

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Miss North Tigers 06 1 1 1 Great weekend at the QOD
2 Vaughan Vikings 06 2 2 2 Good results, making "A" side at the QOD
3 Oakville Angels 06 3 3 3 Expect to see this team competing each week
4 Kitchener Klassics Black 4 4 4 Good team, expect to see them
5 Brantford Bobcats Red 5 5 5 Solid weekend hosting QOD











Mississauha SW 07' remains the top squad this week following their gold medal win at the Queen of the Diamonds tournament. We have some movement behind them however based on results from this past weekend, as well as early season league play at U12. A nice balance of the province represented right now on the U12 top-10 list.

Rank Team Last High Low Comments
1 Miss SW Hurricanes 07 1 1 1 Another gold medal, 2 for 2 this year following QOD
2 Cambridge Coyotes 7 2 7 Silver medal win this past weekend.
3 Waterloo Ghosts 07 4 3 4 Bumped up a spot, they're hosting this weekend
4 Brampton Blazers Gold 5 4 5 Also up a spot this week
5 LaSalle Athletics 07 3 3 5 Finished 2nd to our #1 team at Can-Am two weeks back
6 Vaughan Vikings Blue 2 2 6 Faired well this weekend at QOD
7 Waterloo Ghosts 08 - 7 - High praise for the reigning U10 champions
8 Fieldhouse Raiders 6 6 8 Solid training program, should net results this season
9 Wilmot Thunder 9 9 9 Off to great start in GVLSA league play
10 Oakville Angels 07 10 10 10 Should see this team competing hard into Sundays







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